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DevOps Engineer

CODE: Alg012a

Job Description:

  • Manage and maintain version and source control
  • Manage and control code flow and commit policies and branching
  • Manage source control integration with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Implement and manage private and hosted agents.
  • Implement and monitor pull request policies
  • Implement and monitor branch and fork policies
  • Implement and monitor branching and branching policies
  • Manage target UI test device sets
  • Provision tester devices for deployment
  • Manage public and private distribution groups
  • Implement and manage secure and compliant development process
  • Implement and manage general (non secret) configuration data
  • Monitor code quality
  • Implement and manage development secrets, tokens and certificates.
  • Monitor automated test quality
  • Integrate and monitor security analysis tools.
  • Monitor test suites and categories execution.
  • Configure build triggers, tools, integrations and workflows.
  • Automate configuration management by using poweshell
  • Automate configuration management by using VM agent with custom script extensions.
  • Perform live site reviews and capture feedback for system outages.
  • Implement and manage hybrid build process
  • Implement and manage multi agent builds

Job Requirement:

  • achelor degree in computer science or related field of study
  • 6 years of experience
  • Microsoft certified: DevOps engineer expert is preferred.

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