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Testing Engineer

CODE: Alg013a

Job Description:

  • Perform and Review ambiguity analysis for user stories and business requirement documents.
  • Responsible for QA/QC documents of the complete project.
  • Estimate testing efforts Testing in different environments including web and mobile.
  • Identify and maintain test scope and test environment requirements for each test level
  • Study and analyze release requirements and context for creating test specifications
  • Create and maintain test suites and test structures
  • Identity and derive potential test cases that cover all the possible scenarios
  • Specify inter-test scripts, steps and conditions for each test case
  • Maintain traceability relationships with requirements
  • Define the individual conditions necessary to realize the tests in the target environments
  • Identify potential points of observation and control for the related test items or the related test items 
  • Provide consumable resources to support the tests
  • Define the sequence of all test steps, including actions and expected results, to be performed by all given test cases
  • Act a focal point for the test automation activities
  • Write, design, and execute automated tests by creating scripts that run testing functions automatically
  • Maximize test coverage for the most critical features of applications
  • Determine the priority for test scenarios and create execution plans to implement these scenarios;
  • Write scripts for automated processes including test plans, test procedures, and test cases
  • Build test automation frameworks like BDD, Robot, and Keyword Driven etc.
  • Able to work on JUnit & TestNG framework
  • Log and document bugs in the tracking system
  • Integrate automated test plans with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) Azure DevOps platform, Azure repos & Azure pipelines
  • Able to work with automation testing tools: Selenium, TestComplete, Visual Studio
  • Able to perform mobile automation testing tools for Android, iOS, and crossplatform ones;
  • Able to perform API testing tools that require strong coding skills to create tests: REST Assured, RestSharp, JMeter, Postman
  • Proficiency in Database test: MS SQL.
  • Hands-on with JIRA, TFS, MS Test Manager for test management
  • Execute and run test suites
  • Evaluate execution of suites
  • Recover from halted tests
  • Inspect the test logs for completeness and accuracy
  • Maintain traceability relationships with requirements
  • Publish the test run for verifying and tracking test results
  • Validate that the software release works as designed
  • Validate that the requirements are implemented appropriately
  • Establish confidence in the software release by achieving the user acceptance

Job Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (or related field of study)
  • 4 to 8  years of overall Quality Testing and Automation Testing Experience
  • Experience in testing tools: Selenium, TestComplete, Visual Studio
  • Experience in JIRA, TFS, MS Test Manager for test management
  • Proficiency in DB Test: MS SQL.

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